Online | Pranayama & Fluid Flow
July 7 (Tuesday) at 6:30 pm (GMT+10:00)

Online Class

Renee Stewart
Class length
1 hour
Yoga Studio
Direct from London, UK come join our Pranayama & Fluid Flow class with the lovely Renee Stewart.

Set to an eclectic playlist, join Renee as she seamlessly guides you through Breath-Work, Fluid movement, and Meditation practices which stem from the Himalayan lineage in India. Through these practices we have the capacity to activate and awaken our energy centers and stabilize the nervous system. Creating great space, stillness and clarity in the mind and body.

Australian time:
Tuesdays 630pm

NZ time:
Tuesdays 830pm

UK Time:
Tuesdays 930am

India time:
Tuesdays 115pm 

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