Online | E84 Yoga - Intermediate Practice 90minutes
July 4 (Saturday) at 10:30 am (GMT+10:00)

Online Class

Esak Garcia
Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
State of Sahaja Online
E84 Yoga
Is a comprehensive asana practice, developed by yoga world champion Esak Garcia.

The E84 practice we will be offering here at State of Sahaja online, is an intermediate practice and consists of:
 - 3 Namaskars
 - Movements to thoroughly warm, strength and keep the body supple.
 - 90 minute practice

The variations will be the body part development practices to either either develop or deepen a specific part of the body.
This class is coming to you LIVE from the USA with Esak and will be rotating with E84 yoga trained teachers from around the world.

915am Gold Coast time
415pm Los Angeles
515pm Colorado 

All are welcome to this intermediate practice, you take it at your own pace and do what you can. 

Sorry - that class has already taken place!